Friday, January 12, 2024

Day 6: More Climb Prototypes and Thru-frame Intake

We were able to continue working on prototypes, not as much to show off yet but we should have some more this weekend. 

Elevator+Wheel Climber Prototypes

We do have the continuation of the elevator+wheel climber prototypes from yesterday.

Passive Roller - High on Wall - unweighted

Passive Roller - High on Wall - Weighted

Powered Roller - High on Wall - Weighted

Thru-frame Intake

We also worked on ideas for the frame. After seeing 95’s intake plan we were pretty sure we wanted to do something similar if we could make it work. However, we also wanted to keep access for maintenance on our swerve modules and not change how the MK4is mounted that much. As we sketched it we realized we could probably intake the note through a gap in the frame. The concept below uses 2x1 and 1x1 to extend the belly pan 1 inch lower than a standard Mk4i mount. The front intake rollers (white and blue) could pass the note through the gap between two 1x1s.

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