Monday, January 15, 2024

Day 10: Drive Testing and more CAD

We were able to do some drive tests with our modified 2023 robot. It has approximately 0.5” of ground clearance and the bottom of the bumpers are around 2.25” off the floor.

Wall Compression Testing

Drive into the corner test

Drive off the ring test

Fully high-centered test (didn’t expect to get off this one unassisted)

CAD Updates

We are progressing quickly on the CAD for our Alpha/Prototype robot. This robot is going to function similarly to the competition plan (assuming it all works and we don’t change our minds) but is designed to be built quickly with the parts and materials we have in stock. Ideally, we will find the places that break, bend, rattle, and just don’t perform well on this design and then we can improve them before producing the production robots.

From the primary sketch we posted yesterday, and the drive train and intake CAD we did last week, we quickly mocked up the elevator, indexer, and parts of the amp-trap mechanism. The launcher will get more work but since it’s the last thing that needs to be built and has its space claimed we can begin construction without it fully designed. There are still multiple details that need to be added but the lower segments are getting close to complete.

The CAD of the current version of this robot is available here: 3847 2024 Public Onshape

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