Thursday, March 30, 2023

Event Recap: Houston District 2023


Awards: Winner, Gracious Professionalism Award, and Dean's list semi-finalist (Photon 8515).

This weekend Spectrum competed at the Houston District Event. We would first like to thank our alliance partners: 118 Robonauts, 2585 Impact, and 9121 Wild West.

Spectrum went 15-4 overall at the event, finished ranked 3rd, and was invited by the 1 seed, 118, to join their alliance. After inviting 2585 (and later 9121) to join this alliance, we lost our second match in the upper bracket and made it to the finals through the lower bracket, winning 2-0.

Our development subteam, Photon 8515, also competed. Photon went 5-9-1 overall at the event, finished ranked 21st, and was the first pick of the 5th alliance captain, 2587 alongside 7691. They lost match 2, won match 5 and were eliminated in match 10.