Friday, July 1, 2016

Spectrum AV Case

 We built a new AV Case to help with make running events such as TRI easier. We have attached some photos below and also listed out what's all inside it.

The advantage of this box is much of the system is able to stay wired together between events. The microphones are already connected to the mixer. The PC is setup and ready to connect to the network cameras we use and start the streaming. This should dramatically reduce our setup time at events.

Front of the case (Starting from the top)
  1. Rugged Polyethylene Road Case - 10U
    • Inexpensive case for all this gear.
    • If we did it again, we might by the 12U version instead of the 10U

    • Allows us to input microphones, music, game sounds, etc and control all the volumes
    • Doesn't have push button mutes, but it's FX outputs let us easily send the MC and announcer audio to the stream without sending music.
  3. dbx266XL Compressor
    • Not required but can be useful for adjust microphone audio, etc.
    • We purchased ours off craigslist, used.
  4. GTD Audio G-787HL UHF Wireless Microphone System
    • 2 handheld, and 2 body microphones
    • Very good range and quality for the price
    • We noticed some feedback issues but that happens with more expensive units as well.
    • These are great upgrades over any cheap system. Battery meters, auto channel selection, and other features make these much nicer to use.
  5. 3U drawer for holding microphones, a laptop for music playing, etc
  6. A custom built PC to stream the event with

The Drawer
  1. Currently holds the microphones
  2. We also can put a laptop on top of them

The Back of the Case (Starting from the top)
  1. Tripp Lite Rackmount Network-Grade PDU Power Strip
  2. NETGEAR ProSAFE JGS516PE 16-Port Gigabit Rackmount PoE
    • Used to connect network cameras to the computer
    • cameras powered using the POE ports
  3. ASUS AC66W Wireless Router
    1. provides DHCP and NAT for the box, this lets us use a single internet connection and distribute to laptops, and other PCs
    2. Also keeps the network cameras at the same IP address every time we connect them.
  1. Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP Indoor IR Wifi Cube Camera 2.8mm
    • Work very well for our purposes and far cheaper than a pro quality SDI camera.
Additional stuff
  1. HDbaseT - HDMI extender
  2. Lots of cables from Amazon and Monoprice
Future Additions
  1. UPS power supply
  2. HDMI 1x8 splitter
  3. 4 port output graphics card
- Spectrum

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