Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 - Day 3 - Starting some tests

Today's Tests

Bump crossing tests - CG is important and braking hard is bad

Low CG and CG at the front of you robot handles the bumps better. Also this chassis has pneumatic tires.

Intake Test
Protopipe has proved very useful for quickly making intake tests.

Drawer Slide Elevator Test

More videos and photos of these tests can be found on our photo gallery - 2020 Build Season Gallery

Robots that inspired us today 

2009 - 67 (Multi ball shooter)
2012 - 48, 341 (Photo Gallery), 548 & 330 (shooter on a pivot)
2013 - 33(Frisbee path), 987 (gas springs on climber), 1986 (climber)
2014 - 2590 (ratchet)
2017 - 319 (ratchet)
2019 - 148 (elevator bearing blocks)

Sketch of the Day

Goals have the intake behind the shooter and enough room to hold 5 balls. Intake would be able to bring two balls up on to our robot at a time, those two balls would then funnel into a single file line.

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