Sunday, January 5, 2020

2020 Day 1: Rules and Inspiration

2020 Infinite Recharge
Below is the game animation for the 2020 FRC Game Infinite Recharge. 


Most of our first day of build season was reading the rules for Infinite Recharge. We need everyone that is going to be helping design the robot to understand the game rules and the robot rules so they can help in that challenge.
The full manual can be found here -

Humans Play Infinite Recharge

We often have our team play the game out as if they were robots. It's mostly just for fun and it reinforces some of the field locations and names of the field objects. We apologize for the audio, filmed quickly on a phone. 

Robots that inspired us today 

2006 Robots - 217
2012 Robots - 971, 341, 254, 33, 118
2016 Robots - 3476, 1241, 33 (hood)
2018 Robots - 118(forks), 148 (wrangler)

We were looking at various ball paths and intakes from 2012 & 2016 robots that we may be able to use ideas from this season. We were also looking at various ways to possibly lift a partner off the ground with our climb as well.

Basic MCC Discussion

Our initial MCC (Minimum Competitive Concept) thoughts,
- low goal, human feed and simple floor intake through a bumper gap (over bumper is harder)
- hook flip out style climb that deploys and then you can winch up. Multiple robots in 2018 did this.
- no color wheel manipulation, it takes too many balls scored before this becomes valuable.

- Spectrum

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