Saturday, January 25, 2020

2020 Day 22: Protobot Chassis & Purchases

Protobot Chassis


We found some issues with the current design that we will be fixing before we send off the comp bot and practice bot chassis. 


Here are some of the items 3847 has purchased this season from some non-FRC suppliers.

Belts from
We started using them in 2018 and haven't looked back. Their timing belts are cheaper than every other source we have found and they have nearly every length and width you could want. Combined with 3D printed pulleys these have made there way on to many parts of our robots over the past few seasons.

A 70 tooth, 5mm pitch, 9mm wide HTD belt is 350-5M-09. The 350 is the belt circumference which is tooth count multiplied by pitch.

USB Wide Angle Camera
We have been using this camera for a couple seasons as well. The wide angle lets you see a much larger portion of the field while driving. - ELP 170degree Fisheye Wide Angle VGA USB Camera
Cheap PTFE Sheet
This is way cheaper than the comparable product from McMaster and from our brief testing seems as slippery on the ball as the McMaster stuff. It's possible it's not pure PTFE but it's what we are planning to use on our robot. PTFE Film No Adhesive, Pure White 16 x 60 inch

PLA Pro Filament
We have been using this filament extensively this season. It has all of the benefits of PLA, fast print speeds, stiffness, and inexpensive but it's far less brittle than normal PLA and stronger. There are still times for even stronger and tougher filaments but for general printing this is our new default material. DURAMIC 3D Premium PLA Pro Printer Filament 1.75mm

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