Thursday, January 16, 2020

2020 Day 13: Prototypes are working


The shooter prototype was updated with a more rigid hood and basic velocity control on the NEO motors. It's shooting with 2 NEOs powering a 6" wheel 1:1 at 5000 RPM and a 4in accelerator wheel powered by 1 NEO 1:1 at 5000RPM. We plan to update the shooter to gear the main flywheel up so the NEOs have more power head room to maintain an RPM of around 5000. We also may test powering the accelerator wheel off the same two NEOs that are powering the main fly wheel.



Our newest intake prototype is meeting all our expectations for an intake. The balls are rapidly moved up into our robot and our new indexer should be able to sort out the 3 wide balls pretty easily in the unlikely case we are intake 3 balls all sitting next to each other.



The indexer prototype based on FRC#6135 is working flawlessly. 

Video of it working without intake

More Pictures and Video of all the systems are available in our photo gallery. 

Spectrum Dead Axle Rollers

The roller setup we have been using in our prototypes are based on a system we developed for our 2019 Cargo intake. We plan to use it again for our Power Cell intake.

The system has 6 parts
  1. 7/8" Aluminum Tubing 
  2. 1.125" ID x 1.25" OD Polycarbonate Tubing
  3. McMaster Tube Connecting Nuts for 7/8" Tube
  4. 7/8" ID x 1.125" OD Needle Bearings
  5. 7/8" Push on Retaining Rings
  6. 3D printed Clamp-On Pulleys

  • The 7/8" tube has the tube connecting nuts (star nuts) pressed into the ends of the length you need to span and is bolted into place on the ends acting as a standoff between two plates. 
  • The needle bearings go in the ends of the polycarbonate tube after you cut it to length. 
  • The push on retaining rings hold the tube and needle bearings in place. 
  • The 3D printed pulley clamps over the polycarbonate tube so it can be driven by a belt. 
  • Any rubber tube of your choice can be applied to the outside of the polycarbonate tube to provide grip on the game pieces. 



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