Sunday, January 20, 2013

Versaplanetary 1:1 Conversion

1/23/13 Edit: VEX has released the Versaplanetary User Manual please look over this before following these instructions.

We have received a lot of questions about our 1:1 Versaplanetary conversion. It really is a simple process, but we thought we would post some pictures to help teams out.

Disclaimer: We don't work with and are not sponsored by VEX Robotics. None of this should be taken as official recommendations by VEX or Innovation FIRST Inc. So far this has worked for us; your mileage may vary.

1. Purchase at Versaplanetary 10:1 gearbox (this does work with the other models, please see this post by Paul Copioli for more information).

(Note: A normal 10:1 has a 1/2" Hex output shaft.  We are currently using it on our 3:1 so it's pictured with the 8mm output shaft; they work the same)

2. Unscrew the two 10-32 screws from the front of the gearbox and remove the output stage and the middle stage with the gears.

Break down of a planetary Gearbox.

Sun Gear with male spline on the back
Ring Gear
Planet Gear
Planet Carrier

 3. Note the splines on the output shaft and on the ring gear are the same.

4. The motor input stage has a female spline that matches the output spline and the sun gear.

5. Put away all the middle stage gears. You don't need them for this, but keep it around because you now have a 10:1 stage to add to other Versaplanetary Gearboxes to make them a bigger reduction.

6. Mount the input stage to the output stage. Make sure the small little pins are aligned so all the bolts will align.

7. Now you have a 1:1 reduction. Pictured is a 1:1 reduction with a BB550 motor, so that the output shaft's free speed would be around 19,000RPM.

For instructions on mounting motors to the gearboxes please go to the VEXpro quick start guide.

- Spectrum

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