Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 11: Ultimate Ascent Shooter Testing

Our shooter works! After 10 days of prototyping we are making very nice shots from about 15-17 feet away from the goals. We still have a lot of optimization to do but so far we are very happy with the results.
Several team members spent the better part of the last two days making the goals for us and they did a great job.

Full Specs on this implementation:

This is running at full speed. We believe that if we play with the motor combinations we can reduce slippage and get much more distance from this two wheeled setup.

The great thing about this shooter is it can fit in to any design because it's so small. You barely need more room than a disc. It's also pretty inexpensive. The versaplanetaries are the most expensive part and you could probably replace one of them with a CIM or MiniCIM to make it cheaper.

We kept putting together the VEX pro chassis, there were a few more things we didn't have that we needed. We will continue working on it till we have it driving. Hopefully it will be tomorrow.

We also noticed the new rule change to G23; this changes everything for a lot of teams. Doing this so late is very frustrating but hopefully the GDC (game design committee) will figure out a way to prevent changes such as this in the future. We think we are in a good place with or without the rule change so we are going to keep on moving with our current design path.

We're planning a Bumper Build day at our shop for Feb 2nd or 3rd. Email us if you're interested in coming and making bumpers with us. We'll provide the pool noodles and wood, you just bring some fabric and we can have a lot of teams squared away before the regionals.

- Spectrum

“The habit of doing more than is necessary can only be earned through practice. And the habit is priceless.” - Seth Godin


  1. How did you modify it to get 1:1 with the BAG motor?

  2. We posted some explanation in this thread ( and previously on the blog. We'll try to post pictures tonight.

  3. Hey! Your shooter design looks great....I'm just wondering at what height were you guys shooting from?

  4. We didn't measure, it was about my hip height so around 4 feet. (I'm tall).

  5. Team Spectrum 3874
    I Just want to say yall are awesome and thanks for all the help so far. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing your bot in action at Lone Star.

    Curtis Alden
    FRC Team 4639
    Seven Lakes HS

  6. Our team tried a number of different shooter concepts but found your design to be the most promising. We built the shooter using 2 inch aluminum angle and aluminum plate, and the motors/gearboxes you recommended. We are shooting but not nearly as well as you are. Do you have any recommendations for improving performance? Was there anything you tried that made a big impact on performance?

    Thank you for posting your design and any help you can offer.

  7. Thomas, I would suggest reading this thread on CD ( It has a lot of great information from several teams that are using similar designs now.


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