Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 24: Batteries are finished

CAD is still progressing, and the first of the machined parts are being made at TX\RX Labs and Solarcraft Inc. We did a few cuts for the extrusion that will make up part of our superstructure, but mostly we're waiting on the machined pieces to get back.

We finished up our battery maintenance today.
We crimped and soldered every connection to all our batteries. We also labeled them with color names because we can. We shortened all our battery leads so we have less resistance in our electrical system. With a 6 CIM drive we want to keep all the power we can.

We need to find a new purple tape that works better than the duct tape. The duct tape leaves a residue. If anyone knows a good source for violet gaffers tape let us know.

We also had a CBA III donated to us by West Mountain Radio. This lets you easily analyze your batteries to see how they are performing. We're going to tack all of our batteries to better identify when they need to cycled out of competition use.

- Spectrum

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