Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 13: Drive Train Testing

We're close to two weeks in and we finally have a moving drive train (with test electronics).  We're using the VEXpro Drive in a Day Chassis. So far we really like this version of a kit chassis. It's customizable and very well suited for the new size requirements. It was specially designed for Ultimate Ascent and we think it's going to play the game very nicely.

The current setup is as follows: (This may change as we tweak things)
The chain is a single loop so that we can compress our wheel wells down to only 2" in width. This gives us back some of the room in the interior of our robot that we lost with the new size restrictions. The electronics board is just a test panel that we have in the shop. The real electronics will be crammed in the chassis and around all the mechanisms. We're trying to find ways to make this robot easier to work on because it's going to be cramped.

We have noticed its very loud but we think a lot of that is due to the tensioners that we are using.

Here's a short clip of our brief test drive.

We still don't have all the features for the systems that go on top of the chassis, but we are getting closer.

- Spectrum

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