Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Day 53: X-Ray and Autons

X-Ray update

X-Ray has been fully assembled, wired, and can drive. We are very happy with how it looks.

It did have some issues yesterday.

  • Its intake was very wobbly at first when compared to practice bot. This is an issue because when the intake retracted, the inside roller's pulley could hit the four-bar arms, pushing the belt off. We never had this issue with practice bot, but it happened immediately with comp. We switched out X-Ray’s chains and sprockets with practice bot's, which helped a bit.
  • X-Ray also did not intake ground cones for some reason. We solved this by making the intake rollers run while retracting intake, and making the elevator bob up for a moment while retracting as well. Switching its lower roller with the practice bot’s also helped, for some reason.


3 cube and balance sequence.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Day 39: Design Recap

Video Link

Floating Intake Rubber Videos

Setup and Explanation

Video of floating the rubber on to the polycarb tube.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Day 26: Practice Robot Progress

Our practice robot is coming together quickly. We had cut and powder coated all the rails. We are powder coating practice parts for two reasons, one we started competing with our practice robot more at off-seasons so it’s nice for it to look good, and it lets us choose the best coated parts for our competition robot. 

Our competition robot should be assembled pretty quickly behind this one, we already have all the rails cut and powder coated and the swerve modules assembled. 

Progress will begin on getting the Four Bar components mounted on to practice robot, and then we will need to manufacture our V1 competition intake and launcher.

Launcher Progress

Changed all intake/launcher motors to Falcons, still running open loop and manual aiming. 

More test videos where it misses are in the gallery