Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 9: First Kit Bot Build Day

Today was the first of two Houston Area Kit Bot Build Days. Spectrum brought 15 people to the event to help teams, put together their kit chassis, and assemble their electronics. We were happy to see many of the teams that participated in our Mock Kickoff back in December. We love being able to help teams get their first taste of FRC. We'll have another kit bot build day on the 27th, and if needed we might do a bumper build the morning of Feb 3rd.

We still have a lot of little details to work out with our design but overall things look promising. This week will mostly be dedicated to CAD and putting together our drive train. We should have our VEXpro chassis tomorrow.

- Spectrum

“Competition is very rarely as useful as cooperation. Our society is geared toward competition — rip each other’s throats out, survival of the fittest, yada yada. But humans are meant to work together for the survival of the tribe, and cooperation pools our resources and allows everyone to contribute what they can. It requires a whole other set of people skills to work cooperatively, but it’s well worth the effort.” - Leo Babauta

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