Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 26: Still Slow

With our parts delayed at the machine shops, we had another slow day. It looks like we won't be shooting discs with our practice bot till possibly week 6. We're behind schedule and it's starting to get a little scary. We're going to be cutting it close this year. Parts will be in tomorrow so we should be able to make solid progress on the practice bot tomorrow and Friday.

We started talking about our scouting team for competition that should be in place well before the events this year.

We'll have rookie team #4689 here from Royal High School to work out some programming issues and then this weekend will have 5 teams here for our Super Bowl Bumper Build. It's going to be fun having that many teams working at the same time, like a mini regional practice day.

Houston area teams, don't forget we are hosting the area scrimmage this year, Feb 16th, 17th, and 18th, in our gym. We're looking for naming suggestions as "the Houston Pre-Bag Scrimmage" is really boring. If you have field elements you are willing to donate to the event, please let us know.

- Spectrum

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