Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 7: It's been a week

It's strange how fast you can go from feeling way ahead to feeling behind.  After far too much talking, math, CAD, and VEX prototypes we have decided to pay less attention to the climbing aspect of this game and just build an awesome shooter and collector. The goal is going to be to keep these weights as low as possible, so if inspiration does strike we will have room and weight for a climbing device on the back of our robot, assuming we can make it fit in the 54" cylinder.

One of our VEX climbing prototypes

 This plan may change seeing as we haven't had a consistent vision for the robot for over a day lately.

Our shooter isn't going as far as we would like with our smaller wheels. We need to get some more kinetic energy into the disc. We're thinking about  possibly going to more wheels along the linear path.

There are a lot of question marks right now in our design. Do we go under the pyramid? What's the fastest 10 point hang? How far should our max shot be? Hopefully we can clear some of them up tomorrow so we can start doing production CAD and get things sent to the laser cutter.

We'll have our VEXpro chassis on Monday so we should be rolling (no electronics) early next week.

- Spectrum

I have learned an important principle: simple things work, often to our dumbfounded surprise, for we tend to distrust the simple and strive for the complex. - Richard Cracroft, “Our Trek Through the Wilderness”

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