Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 6: Portable Defenses

We upgraded some defenses and got our sheet metal shipment in today. We decided to order some casters to put underneath our defenses, mainly the drawbridge and the portcullis, because their weight made them cumbersome. We got these 4" casters from Amazon that seem to work so far. We just got them so we can't fully vouch for them, but we've already ordered several more.

We have a running joke now where casters are now called wizards. Allen calls them fishermen though.
We've also started calling them wizards instead of casters.

The 1x1 piece of L attached to the bottom of the portcullis so it could better simulate the actual field's gate. We also tried to add some foam to dampen its fall.

We used nonstick rubber, the same damping material on the drawbridge. Unfortunately it didn't work too well. We decided to keep it, though, to make up for the L's thickness.
Our sheet metal shipment came with a bulk order of gussets, a rockwall, and our ramparts. We finished our ramparts after some slight adjustment to the bend angle, and we're also working on finishing off our rocky terrain.

We had to use clamps to hold the steel pieces of tubing in place so we could drill them in upside down.
We also finally decided to catalog our kit of parts because the deadline to get missing parts is coming up.

Our flywheel shooter prototype is in Rev now so it's adjustable. We hope to find a set of variables that gives us a consistent shot.

- Spectrum

"If people want to know who I am, it is all in the work." - Alan Rickman

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