Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 2: Field Building and Prototype Testing

We're focusing a bit more on field building rather than prototyping at the moment. We made a castle tower so we can properly test our shooter prototype, and we built a moat and a rock wall as well.

Castle Tower

Rock Wall

While constructing the moat we got to see how its geometry interacts with our current drive base prototype. After testing different wheel configurations on the drive base, we began to chain up the wheels and add power. We also added a belly pan. Despite the work that our prototype drivetrain is taking to get up and running, it is making great progress.

We use Threadall to keep wheels lined up. We found that our traction wheel (far left) actually has a larger diameter than our pneumatic wheels. During this test we realized that we're going to need a lot of torque or speed to cross some of the defenses.

We ended the day with only one sided being chained. We plan to have this properly powered by the end of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we have school tomorrow, so our Ri3D build buds, team oRyon, moved out of the lab so they can get in a full day of building while we're in class. We can't wait to see what their final design is.

- Spectrum

P.S. Thanks for the food
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