Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 5: Defense Fixing

We started off our meeting with a quick cleanup so we can be more productive. We also fixed our cheval de frise so that each plank can seesaw without locking up from friction. Additionally, we fixed our drawbridge by moving where the spring attaches so that it could pull the bridge up more easily.  However, in this configuration the drawbridge tended to close with a lot of force and caused a general ruckus. We fixed it by using soft, foamlike mesh to dampen the hit. We also added a quick piece of 1.5" L extrusion to simulate the real field's portcullis.

The drawbridge still slams with a decent amount of force.

The aluminum bump faces the courtyard side

We've added shields to the sides of our defense platform and covered one ramp with polycarbonate. Unfortunately, our horizontal bandsaw blade didn't come in today, so progress on our ramparts and terrain has stopped for now. On the bright side, our West Coast Products 775pro came in.  We're loving the motor's dark chrome/black color.

It also has the coolest color ever. We're really digging the dark chrome look.
We can't wait to test it out and use its absurd 347 watts of power

- Spectrum

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