Thursday, January 5, 2023

Start of the 2023 Season: X-Ray 2023

Spectrum is back for our 12th build blog. Our robot this year will be named “X-Ray 2023”

2023 Spectrum Season Resources

2022 Robot Rules Overview

With many of the robot rules now evergreen, we did a presentation on the rules ahead of the kickoff to give our students a good understanding of the basic rules. This may be a good thing to have your team listen to before Saturday.


OnShape Training

We updated and added to our Design Training Slides. We haven’t gotten a chance to record videos for these, but the slides should be helpful.

  • D3.1 OnShape FRC Robot Organization - 2023: Slides

    • Updated our recommend process to use reference cubes (similar to 1678 and others)

    • Added Variable Library Details

  • D3.5 Part Design Process - Slides

    • It goes over the process of designing a part for our robot and what should be thought about and done in the design.

  • D3.6 FeatureScripts - Slides

    • Links and explains many of the featurescripts that FRC teams can use to speed up their CADing

System Organization

Spectrum has a relatively flat organizational structure. We don’t have any year-round captains or specifically assigned subteams, etc. During the season, we have system leads for hardware and software.  We try to limit it to 5 systems, with each of these systems normally led by 1 or 2 students. Here is how the breakdown normally works.


  1. Swerve/Frame/Bumpers/Controls

  2. Game piece mechanism 1 (usually intake)

  3. Game piece mechanism 2 (was ball path in 2022)

  4. Game piece mechanism 3 (was launcher in 2022)

  5. End Game


  1. Swerve/Drive Tuning

  2. Autonomous/Path planning

  3. Vision

  4. Game Pieces Mechanisms

  5. End Game (likely other tasks)

- Spectrum

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