Sunday, January 15, 2023

Day 9: Alpha Elevator Assembly

Today we focused on mounting the Elevator onto the Alpha Chasis. A couple of unique things about it are the way we mount the crossbar and A-frame. Here is the concept pioneered by the EngiNERDs in 2022. The tube extends thru the plate providing more strength and keeping the end of the tube open so it’s easy to bolt/nut into and you can remove debris.

We also built and rigged the elevator.

The ratcheting wrench allows for the elevator to be easily tensioned. Using a wrench to provide ratcheting tension has been used by many teams including 125 in 2018.

FIRST Choice Round 2 Priority Lists Lock Monday, Jan 16th

Make sure your team has completed their FIRST Choice Priority lists for round 2. Multiple items were added to the site and all teams were given more credits to use.

Robot Inspiration

1678-2022: 4-bar linkage, bushing, chain mounts, etc

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