Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Day 4: Ground cone intake & cones on the substations

Updated Favorite Sketch:

  • Today’s update allows us to lower the cone pinch intake to the floor. 

  • Our starting configuration would have the elevator raised slightly to allow us to fully retract the slider.

  • With this we will likely need more extension than a single-stage elevator can provide, but we are still working on the sketches. A two-stage elevator is easy enough for us to build.

  • A two-stage elevator will also let us have a lower starting height and lower CG when fully retracted, so there are additional benefits for the added complexity.

Cones on the Single Substation:

  • We played around with multiple ways to stage the cone on the single substation so it is stationary. This allows a robot to intake it without waiting for the HP to drop it.

  • This specific setup is likely not repeatable but using a third cone with the cone flange past the rear lip of the ramp or by using the chute door to stop the rear cone from sliding should work well.

Cone Orientation on the Double Substation Shelf

  • It appears possible to place the cones sideways on the shelf in the double substation. This allows robots that can intake cones in this orientation to use the shelf instead of intaking from the floor. This orientation also lowers the tip of the cone so a robot doesn’t have to extend as high to pinch it. It may be possible to place the cone in a way that allows the tip to hang over the edge of the shelf as well.

Robot Inspiration:

1323 - 2019: Carbon Fiber Linear Slider + Bearings

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