Saturday, January 14, 2023

Day 5: Idea Refinement, Pincher and Launcher prototype.

It’ll be a short one today!

## Idea Refinement

Today we refined our current design, including working out most of the 2d geometry before moving on to 3d geometry. We will be building an Alpha Robot this weekend to prove our current theories and to be able to rapidly iterate on game-piece manipulator prototypes with the strictness of a robot chassis. It will also allow our controls team to have a robot to test control ideas with.

A significant change to our design is that the elevator is now in 2 stages. This allows us to keep our CG lower overall and extend higher. Here is the sketch now; it might be more confusing than helpful at this point, but I’m willing to answer any questions you might have

## Pincher and Launcher prototype

We also had an opportunity to test out a joint Pincher/ Cube intake/launcher prototype. Here is a video.

Robot Inspiration: 2337 2022 (Elevator Mounting)

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