Tuesday, January 11, 2022

2022 Day 4: Design Slides, Recap, and FIRST Choice

 Design Slides

We have decided to make a public version of our design slides this year during the season. We use the google slides document to keep track of large parts of our season. We create slides for our weekly design recaps and collect notes and ideas about the robot. We will update the public version a few times a week with slides from our internal notes (if we share the private one, you all can watch us type, and that's a tad weird).

Design Recap

Today was our first design recap. It was an overview of our intent for each mechanism, along with updates on testing and design progress. Here are a few of the sample slides from tonight.

FIRST Choice Recommendations Updated for Round 2

Our 2022 FIRST Choice and Voucher Guide has been updated with a sample priority list for Round 2.

Every team gets 710 more credits, and some really great items have been added that will probably help your team be sure to submit your priority list before Jan 20th. 

- Spectrum

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