Friday, February 22, 2013

Post Build Day 2

Yesterday was our day off. The only official day off of the entire competition season. There will be a few more, but that is the only one known about ahead of time.

Chairman's Submission
We posted our Chaimrna's Submission on Tuesday, but we didn't link to in the blog.

3847's Chairman's Award Submission for 2013 we'll be entering at Lone Star this year since it's our first regional. We had a large group of team members working very hard to complete every piece of it and we're very proud of what they put together. Also attached is our updated business plan which will be judged for the first time this year as we didn't have one last season.

Practice Robot
We're getting the practice robot back up and running. We found some build errors with he drive train on the practice robot that we are correcting and we are upgrading it's cable carrier system for the lift. The shooter/collector box is still getting improved. We are trying different paddle systems to avoid the slight issue we are having with discs not always shooting on the first try.

We have exactly two weeks of driver practice and we are going to need all of it to be competitive at Lone Star. The field is stacked with fantastic teams that will be bringing great machines to the competition. Our friends down in Clear Lake (118) released their robot today and we have to say it's something very special.

- Spectrum

"You have no control over what the other guy does. You only have control over what you do." -A J Kitt

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