Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 32

Only two weeks left till we stop building. This is going to be a close one for us. We have a mostly working practice robot, but we are still waiting on sheet metal to make it complete. Our goal is to have the real robot parts powder coated by the middle of next week and then it's a mad dash to the finish line before bag day.

For more discussion about the collector/shooter and lift video from Sunday night look at this CD thread.

We worked on improving the stability of the lift today. There are still some problems but lots of solutions as well.

The collector/shooter is our most critical piece that we will be getting back from Solarcraft Inc. this week.

We still don't have an elegant design for the 10 point hang yet. We understand the concept and requirements, we just have to package it nicely into our robot.

- Spectrum

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