Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 36: Hanging

We were able to put on the pop-up can opener hanging device today. It's still in prototype form but we managed to get directly over the center of gravity on the first try. I guess the CADed weights are right after all.

We did some more changes to the lift to get it more stable and faster top to bottom. We still aren't finished working all the bugs out, but we're getting closer. Currently, it actually likes going up way more than going down. This was the opposite problem from yesterday.

The shooter/collector is collecting well; we still will have some more changes once we get on the actual robot. 

Drive train was having an issue where one side would stall while going very slowly in reverse. We think we found the cause and should have a solution implemented tomorrow.

This is our first year doing the prototype/practice robot 1st. We'll only have 8 days to put together our competition robot. We have most of the parts made and they should be back from powder coating on Monday.

Don't forget to come to our Week 0 Practice if you are going to be in the Houston area next weekend. 

- Spectrum

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