Sunday, February 19, 2012

Build Log 44: 2nd Scrimmage Day

Today was the 2nd day of the Houston Scrimmage. We had a really good turn out, today. 624, 441, 3335, and 2585 all showed up for some amount of time. We are excited for the Houston Robots this year, they are coming along very nicely. Lone Star is going to be fun.

Today was almost entirely drivers practice and testing Ultraviolet (the robot). We were able to get the barrier crossing down a bit smoother, we can now controllably ride on the back wheels over the barrier providing a smoother crossing.

We had a few minor issues here and there but nothing that would have kept us out of a match at competition so that is a good sign. We're also learning what we can fix to prevent those issues in the future.

We took some time working on shooting from the other side of the barrier and it was pretty consistent (> 30%) for not having any form of auto aiming this weekend. It might be a viable strategy to act as the feeder/long ranger shooter.

Here is a sneak peak at something we filmed for our release video.

FRC#3847: From the 2nd Floor from Spectrum 3847 on Vimeo.

We did some touch up painting when we got back to our lab and we have tomorrow to work through a couple fixes that we came up with over the weekend but overall she's ready to rumble (pun intended). Also we have a very long list of projects to get done between now and the Dallas West Regional.

- Allen Gregory

“People are smarter than you think. Give them a chance to prove themselves.” - Timothy Ferriss

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