Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Build Day 39: Mostly Practice Bot Parts

We're gearing up for the scrimmage this weekend. So that means the robot is handed over to the programming and electrical teams, while the mechanical folks work on replicating all of our parts. We are on pace to have a functional practice bot the week after we bag the real one.

We weighed the robot at the end of the night and we are right at 100lbs which is what we were going for. This means we will have about 20lbs to play with to adjust are CG for turning. We will be messing with the weight a lot this weekend to get it to a point where we can steer perfectly.

The electrical team is cleaning up all the wiring and making sure we won't have any electrical problems during competition.

Programming is working on more of our control loops and making sure our sensor data as clean as possible.

We should be able to do some final testing before the scrimmage on Thursday night and Friday Morning.

- Allen Gregory

"I don't care if my team wins. I care if they try their hardest to win." - pfreivald

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