Monday, January 8, 2024

Day 2: More FIeld Building

We were able to get a good bit of our field put together today. In addition to the Amp we had yesterday we now have our Speaker, subwoofer, and source complete. The speaker cap is mounted on top of our driver station to keep us from having to build a full frame under it.

We are intentionally not prototyping too quickly this year as we want to make sure we have a better understanding of the field and game before we decide on prototype paths. We are still discussing many of the possible archetypes of robots for this game that can score in all three locations.

We have discussed the trap at length and it is very appealing in this game as it allows you a much easier path to the RP and the notes scored in the trap are one of the highest single-point values in the game at 5 points. The amplified rings also being worth 5 but they require 2 other 1-point cycles before the 5 points start so the avg note score will never reach 5 from those scores.

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