Sunday, January 7, 2024

Day 1: Kickoff

We had a pretty standard kickoff. Went over our goals and expectations before the kickoff livestream. Read through the entire game manual as a team (this takes about 2.5 hrs). While doing this students are sketching robot concepts, etc.

We then began working on our practice field layout and build. We are planning to build roughly a full half-field. Our practice space isn’t quite big enough to reach the midline and doesn’t have any extra space behind the field perimeters so we are having to modify some parts of the team elements plans. We are also building all 3 sides of the Stage so we can drive under it during auton practice if needed.

Towards the end of the night, we made a quick approximation of the speaker's goal so we could have some fun seeing how hard it is to throw the notes in by hand.

We went over a few different trade-offs that may exist for Crescendo robots.

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