Friday, January 31, 2020

2020 Day 27:Tipping Point

Today marks the midway point between kickoff and our first event week 1 in Dripping Springs.

Intake and Indexer Testing

Both systems are working as expected. More videos are in our photo gallery. Our plan is to only hold 2-3 balls in the funnel and let 2-3 balls be in our tower as well. But we did want to test what happens if we human load or just don't sequence everything properly.

Here is a cut of way of how we hope to be able to hold balls
Ball Path Cross Section View.PNG

Sheet Metal

We have sent off the CAD and drawing files to our sheet metal sponsor for our competition and practice robots as well as some parts for the elevator. Most of the other subsystems will be iterated in house until we get closer to final parts ready for sheet metal. That may not even be till after our first competition. 


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