Friday, January 24, 2020

2020 Day 21: First Sheet Metal Arrived & Everybot Tips

Sheet Metal Arrived

With stop build day no longer existing this year we decided to move to a slightly different model. In most seasons we would build our practice bot and competition bot about a week behind each other. When we would do a sheet metal order we would order enough for two+ robots. This year we are building a protobot, a competition robot, and a practice robot. The drive train sheet metal for the prototype robot arrived today. After the get the protobot working nicely and test fitted we will release the rest of the sheet order to our sponsor to build the competition and practice robots. The practice robot will be completed after the competition this season. The protobot will also be decommissioned to create the practice robot. This is to ensure that our practice and competition robots can be closer to identical.

We are also making a larger portion of our robot our of extrusion than we have done in the past few years. 

Everybot Updates


Our Everybot project is moving along. We have the KOP chassis completed to the proper size and have begun cutting down some of the stock to make the Everybot.

We have found a cheaper source for the flex ratcheting wrench used on the Everybot climber. If you have a Grainger near you, you can order it and pick up in the store with no shipping charges.

We also have been using our bench shear and aviation snips to cut the tie plates into gussets instead of a band saw. We find this to be faster and easier.


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