Thursday, January 16, 2020

2020 Day 12: New intake/indexer Plan

Block Robot Update

The new intake plan, allows for balls to rapidly be brought into the robot with a wide intake, and set quickly into the tower using a powered V similar to prototype videos from FRC#6135FRC#4481 and FRC#95 . We plan to prototype some variations of this idea by adding a central channel for balls to rolls straight down and possibly a powered belt to move balls towards the tower belting as well. We will test various options for the side conveyors/wheels and also speeds and direction changes.
The tray on top of the intake is designed so this robot would be able to load from the human player station with the intake down. That should allow us to intake balls on the ground and then quickly get any remaining needed balls from the loading bay when drive in.
Block Robot 1-16.PNG

When retracted the intake acts as a cage around any balls remaining in the funnel to not allow them to bounce out of the robot as we drive over the boundaries.
Block Robot 1-16 #2.PNG

We have prototypes of these systems under constructed and will post video and photos when they are operational.


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