Saturday, January 18, 2020

2020 Day 14: Controls and Everybot

Controls Update

Our controls Subteam has been working on several projects already this year.
Their todo list is pretty long

  • Path Following using BobTrajectory and HelixFollower
  • PID tuning using the WPILib 2020 implementation
  • Cameras
    • Limelight target tracking
    • Other software target and object tracking
    • Driver camera streaming
  • Control Panel Color Sensing and automation
  • Ball indexing
  • Scouting and Data Visualization
  • Automated Subsystem Testing (based on 254 sample code)
  • Improving Camera Stream Viewing
Over the past few days we have been testing OpenSight and learning to implement a simple power cell tracker.
ball tracking opensight 1-17 2.PNGball tracking opensight 1-17.PNG
ball tracking opensight 1-17 3.PNG

Everybot Project

Several of our newer team members are working on building a version of the Everybot  The Everybot is the model for teams with limited resources to design an effective robot. Every year there are teams that follow the Everybot documentation that have very successful seasons. Spectrum is building an Everybot so we can have a robot to practice with and we will also release any updates that we make to our version. 

The kit drive base construction got under way this week.

Everybot drive train build.PNG


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