Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post Build Day 8

The posts will be less frequent now that build season is over but don't think that means we haven't been working. We have been working every day to improve our shooting and doing driving practice. We are also still developing our hanger. We know how it works; we don't have a graceful implementation that will let us go under the pyramid and still hang for 10. We'll have something made up for Lone Star but it'll probably change throughout the season.

A couple things that have happened recently.
1. We were selected to receive a grant from National Instruments to support our team. We're very happy to have the support of such an awesome organization that supports FIRST in so many ways.

2. Our mentor Allen Gregory was on Stafford TV for our role at the Houston Mini Maker Faire. You can watch the clip here.

This weekend we are very busy.
1. Ultimate Ascent starts tomorrow there are events around the country and one in Lubbock. Many of our friends (3310, 1296, 2848, 2468, 16, etc.) will be competing there. We're very excited to see the game played for the first time and we wish all the teams competing this weekend the best of luck. We'll be watching webcasts and checking results from all the events.

2. Tomorrow we will be at the Houston Society of Materials Engineers conference spreading FIRST to as many people as we can. Our plan is to invite all of these engineers back to George R. Brown next week for the Lone Star Regional.

3. Saturday we are running the last leg of the Houston ISD VEX Robotics League. We'll finally crown a champion. We'll have a lot of students on hand volunteering as always. We ref, MC, score keep, queue, etc, pretty much all of it is handled by Spectrum students.

4. Preparations for Lone Star. We are finalizing our Chairman's presentation and video, working on the practice bot and getting driver practice (floor collection is amazingly fast). We are putting together our gift bags for the other teams. We are organizing tools and preparing the pit stuff, getting our spirit items together, and putting together our scouting system. There is a lot going on and not much time to finish it.

- Spectrum

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer." - Randy Pausch

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