Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 39: Floor Collection Test

Things are looking up again. The solution from yesterday was tested today and it worked perfectly.
Here's a video of our floor collection tests.

We made some improvements to the lift. Moving to #25 chain instead of #35 seems to make it run smoother. We're getting some twisting in the cross bars so we may have to find a better way to reinforce them or replace them with a stronger shape. We're limited on space which is why they were made so small to begin with.

The competition robot is still getting pieces and parts made for it and we should be able to start final assembly in the next few days.

Motor Break Down for this year

  • 6 CIMs on the drive train
  • 2 BAG motors on the shooter/collector wheels
  • 1 BAG motor for tilting the shooter
  • 1 MiniCIM for the Lift
  • 1 VEX 393 for the indexer (Thing that pushes the discs back into the shooter)

- Spectrum

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