Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 34: Sheet Metal Parts Part 2

We received our 2nd run of sheet metal from Solarcraft Inc. today. They have been fantastic about making parts for us. This included our belly pan, shooter box, and disc guides, so we don't run over too many.

Here's a photo of all three versions of the shooter/collector that we have made this season.

We started with hardboard which is very easy to cut and drill. We then moved to a version made of thin sheet metal in house with brackets to hold it together since we don't have a break. The Lexan and wood version in the back was our final prototype that was build to the sheet metal spec out of 1/16" Lexan and the wood was there to make it stiff. The version in the front is what came back from Solarcraft today and will actually be on our robot.

We fixed several issues with the lift and it's running much nicer now. We also finished mounting our upper frame supports that will support our 10 point hang.

We're dropping off parts to be powder coated tomorrow. The plan is to get them back early next week so we can put together our competition robot.

- Spectrum

"It always seems impossible until its done."  - Nelson Mandela

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