Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 28: Picking up the Pace

All our meetings are long, but today's was extra long, leading into an even longer weekend.

We received our first run of sheet metal form Solarcraft Inc. They have been fantastic about working with us and helping in any way that they can.

We have pieces for the both the real robot and our practice robot + a couple spaces in case we damage something.

With the pieces we received we were able to wire most of the practice robot's drive train. We still need to mount the cRIO and run PWM cables before we can start driving it but that should be taken care of tomorrow afternoon.

We also started putting together a lexan version of our shooter since we just sent the sheet metal parts off to be made and we aren't sure when we will get them back.

Tomorrow we should have a few videos to post and show off more of our robot.

- Spectrum

"Failures are the stepping stones to success. Without failure, we’ll never learn how to succeed. So try to fail, instead of trying to avoid failure through fear." - Leo Babauta

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