Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 44: Two Days, Two Robots?

18 Hour days and we still have a lot to got on our competition robot.  The competition robot will be wired tomorrow and it will takes it first shoots just hours away from being sealed up on Tuesday night. The practice robot is shooting well, but we need to build in some hard stops for the shooting position. Our collection is super fast which should mean we won't have to make any trips to the feeding station.

Chairman's Essay and Executive Summary are complete. We'll be designing our pictures over the next few days. Our business plan has been updated to include events and changes from this build season. We have drafts of our other award packets prepared and will be editing over the next few weeks.

Good Luck everyone on your last two days of build.

- Spectrum

“Fear will try to stop you. Doubts will try to stop you. You’ll shy away from doing great things, from going on new adventures, from creating something new and putting it out in the world, because of self-doubt and fear. It will happen in the recesses of your mind, where you don’t even know it’s happening. Become aware of these doubts and fears. Shine some light on them. Beat them with a thousand tiny cuts. Do it anyway, because they are wrong.” - Leo Babauta

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