Saturday, February 3, 2024

Day 27: Launcher

 We were able to get our new prototype launcher mounted to Alpha tonight. This has similar specs to the prototype 2” wheel launcher that we posted a few days ago. The tilt control on our alpha machine (AM) is just a maxplanetary 90-degree adapter and a hex shaft, so there is a good amount of backlash and play in the system.

Subwoofer Shots

We were able to shoot into the speaker from all 3 subwoofer sides using the same speed and angle for each side.

Front Shots

Side Shots

Podium Shots

We were able to shoot consistently from around the podium.

Podium Shots

Wing Shots

Still not perfectly consistent from range but working nicely for this setup.

Wing Shot Video

Amp Shots (not many but didn’t look promising)

Slow Motion

Here is some slow-motion video of the note exiting the launcher. One of our goals is to keep it as circular as we can.

Slow Mo Video

Human Feed

This will need a ramp/funnel to be easier to do on the comp robot but it’s still working nicely.

Human Feed Video

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