Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 20: 4700+ Views

Week three seems to be slipping away faster than the previous two. CADing takes a lot of time and we have to get parts laser cut very soon. We've been trying to work out as many of the details as we can so we won't have to make many radical changes after they are cut. The first parts should be going out tomorrow.

Today was mostly spent on batteries. We're going over all our old connections and soldering them and making the wire runs shorter. If you want to learn a lot about FRC electrical systems watch this video presentation by Al Skierkiewicz (Chief Robot Inspector). He goes over some of the techniques he has used on Wildstang (FRC#111) robots over the years, including three World Championship winning robots.

We're extremely pleased to have helped so many people during their prototyping. The shooter video has over 4,700 views. We have talked to teams from all around the FRC community (Minnesota, Arizona, Michigan, Israel, etc.) who are testing similar systems to the one we published 10 days ago, and they are having very good results. We are still improving our own implementation of the shooter, but we're excited to see so many others having success as well. Thank you all for the kind words and all the questions; they have helped us learn a lot about the system. Ideally, with smaller shooter packages teams can use the space it opens up to do some other cool things with their robots.

- Spectrum

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