Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 18: Details

Lately, most of the work has been in CAD, but we are still working on a few systems and details that aren't finished being prototyped yet.

Here is a picture of the prototype wings that we are planning to have fold out from under our bumpers to make sure discs only go under our robot and not under our wheels. We're still looking for an elegant way to do this, but we're confident we can find one in the next few days.

We have to get a lot done over the next three days because this weekend we won't have much time for the robot. On Saturday we are volunteering at the HoustonISD VEX League and on Sunday we are supporting the 2nd day of the Houston Kit Bot Build Days. Both events are important to the Houston robotics community but they also take time out of our build schedule. We just have to work harder during the time we do spend in the lab.

- Spectrum

“The great thing about working hard is that you can always work harder, the great thing about being good is that you can always be better.” -- John V-Neun

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