Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 Day 7: Allenless


Today was no ordinary day of build season for Spectrum. It was our first of two days without our Lead Mentor, Allen Gregory. Sadly, FIRST Headquarters has claimed him for the weekend for LRI training. Despite Allen’s absence, we were still able to make progress on our subsystems.


This year we positioned our gearbox at the front of our robot to create space for our climber. Each Side Panel will feature two traction wheels in the middle and an Omni wheel on each outer edge. Our Drivetrain has progressed rapidly and we are hoping to send it to our sheet metal sponsor, SolarCraft, sometime late next week.

Hatch Panel Intake
We continued to add to our hatch panel ‘DUCK!’ intake by designing in a pneumatic actuated ‘finger’. The ‘finger’ will keep the hatch panel in place during pickup and transportation until it gets scored.
Cargo Carrier

We made a prototype out of protopipe for our cargo carrier mechanism with a simple roller and dustpan design. This cargo mechanism will be attached to the inner carriage elevator and will spit out the cargo to score.

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