Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Build Day 3: Starting to get a design together.

Most of today was spent finishing up playing field tasks but we also had a few prototypes and CAD sessions to help flush out the initial design of the robot. 

Simple Pneumatic Hatch Mechanism

Here is our quick prototype of a simple pneumatic hatch mechanism. This is mounted just inside your frame perimeter on the front or back of your robot. You acquire a hatch by driving into the loading station hatch panel and the velcro takes it off the panel, the velcro is only on the top quarter of the hatch panel.. There are then 2 4"-6" pneumatic cylinders behind the panel and below all the velcro that let you push the panel on to any of the level one targets. This also works with a lot of misalignment and over your bumper. This design also doesn't let you throw the panel because if you activate the cylinder not at a wall the panel just flip ups and doesn't leave your robot. 

Ball Intake Prototype

Floating rollers are very useful with ball so you don't have to reach as far out of your frame perimeter. Very happy to see our protopipe getting some use this year.

More pictures and videos of our prototypes can be found on our photo gallery.

- Spectrum

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