Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Day 53: X-Ray and Autons

X-Ray update

X-Ray has been fully assembled, wired, and can drive. We are very happy with how it looks.

It did have some issues yesterday.

  • Its intake was very wobbly at first when compared to practice bot. This is an issue because when the intake retracted, the inside roller's pulley could hit the four-bar arms, pushing the belt off. We never had this issue with practice bot, but it happened immediately with comp. We switched out X-Ray’s chains and sprockets with practice bot's, which helped a bit.
  • X-Ray also did not intake ground cones for some reason. We solved this by making the intake rollers run while retracting intake, and making the elevator bob up for a moment while retracting as well. Switching its lower roller with the practice bot’s also helped, for some reason.


3 cube and balance sequence.


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