Tuesday, February 1, 2022

2022 Day 22, 23, & 24: Design Recap

Day 22: Bootcamp Build Day 2

We had 5 young FRC teams from the Houston area in our lab to help them get their drive trains started and talk to them about the Everybot design and what they need to do to produce it.

Day 23: Intake/Ball Path

As we show below in the design recap the intake and ball path system was in heavy development the past few days. We had a lot of detailed requirements on how we wanted to make the intake function and getting all those requirements packaged into the robot and functioning nicely wasn't going to be easy. Early on we assumed we'd have a multi-roller deployable intake similar to our 2020/2021 intakes and many of the ones we have seen by other teams. Last week we realized we could base our intake off our 2019 and it would allow us to have our intake not extend as far out of the frame and still let us meet our other intake objectives. The test setup we made this weekend confirmed the single intake roller with a kicker bar deployed on the bumper would bring the ball up onto the bumper nicely but there was a potential dead space before the ball would hit our ball path rollers. 

Through conversation, we were able to figure out that flipping out another ball bath roller that stays above our bumper so we can confidently leave it deployed all match will solve the dead space issue, prevent unwanted balls from entering our robot, and allow us to eject balls with the intake down. 

Day 24: Design Recap

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