Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2019 Day 11: Climber Development


The idea for our climber came from sforbes' youtube video below.

Since then he has posted another video that is actually closer to what we are really working on.

Here are some of the current sketches of our climbing mechanism.

We are planning for the main central arm to be sheetmetal and for the two rear arms to be round tube with tie rod ends since those members are mostly only experiencing forces in tension.

Protopipe Cargo Mechanism

We have an updated cargo mechanism prototype that is helping us solve for some of the variables for that mechanism.

We are able to change the height of the roller, the length of the bottom plate, the locations of the rear stop bar and more.

- Spectrum


  1. Protopipe cargo images did not load

  2. Can you post the result of the max drive torque for your climber? we got a peak of 300Nm with 130 lbs using a similar linkage. - Sam Geckler


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