Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 29, 30, 31: Intake Updates, Robot Update, CAD Download Reminder

Intake Updates

This is intake version 8 for us. We modified the arm angles to improve the geometry and moved to smaller pulleys and smaller pneumatic cylinders. We did have to increase pressure in the cylinders to keep the closing force the same. With the smaller 9/16" bore cylinders we need 40-55psi to be able to intake like this.

If you are using parts of our intake to help inspire your designs please let us know.

Robot Update

The whole robot is coming together nicely in CAD. This means very little for how the robot will work in real life.

We get our first sheet metal parts back tomorrow so our drive trains can finally be assembled this week. Sheet metal for the arm and arm gearbox will be set out tonight or tomorrow.

Download our CAD

Reminder all of our CAD from the season is avliable to download on our GrabCAD partner space.

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  1. We ended up using the Fairlane wheels as well. A great product!


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