Sunday, January 28, 2018

Day 22 & 23: Next Intake working well


The new intake prototype was the main focus for testing this weekend. We only CAD enough of it so that we can assemble and build it quickly.

When we first tested the intake it would jam. You can see some of the intial testing on our build gallery.

This weekend we removed the bumper which will force us to have a bumper gap in the front and back of our robot that we don't really want to do but it will let us intake far better. We also swapped one of the fairlane wheels that was intaking for different wheels and that stopped our center jam problem since now the other wheel can slip and the fairlane wheel can go over the corner of the cube and intake it happily. 

The gif below shows the much improved and non-jamming intake. We are very pleased that the intake is able to lift the cube up while it's in taking.

Drive Train

Drive train CAD is nearly ready to be sent to our sponsor for laser cutting, we still need to lighten some of the parts


Arm is also getting ready to be send to our sponsor as well.

- Spectrum

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